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Watch your kids learn all the voices of numerous farm animals, wild animals, zoo animals and pets through play and fun with this amazing app kids game. The Animals Puzzle Game is a fun and educational learning game that offers all the benefits of a typical puzzle game and it's suitable for both preschool children and toddlers including those with autism.

This is a kid-friendly puzzle game that is pretty simple to play and can keep your children busy for hours, but also will help them develop their problem solving and memory skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination. It features high quality images of dozens of animals, along with soothing background music and a pleasant voice that praises your kids each time they manage to put the puzzle piece in the right order, encouraging them to continue playing and learning.


• Intuitive & simple child-friendly user interface

• High-quality images of numerous animals

• Pleasant and sweet background music

• Hundreds of pieces in lot of different puzzles

• Each successfully completed puzzle is followed by balloon animation & happy cheering

• Universal app for all phones and tablets

• All puzzles in this game are available for free

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